Annual interest rate (APR)

We work with the best financial institutions to offer you an annual interest rate of 29%. Additional costs may be claimed to cover fees for the preparation, assembly, follow-up of the request and management of the customer file.

Reimbursement terms

Our loans reimbursement terms are 3 to 6 months depending on amount borrowed.

Exemple of reimbursement

For a 750$ loan, an amount of 65$ will be debited from your account, weekly, over a period of 4 months.

This information is given for descriptive purposes only and takes into account a full refund, respecting the established payment schedule. These amounts include the fees claimed by the official agent (broker). Initial cost may change, EastWest Credit reserves the right to make these changes at any time. Amounts excludes postponed, refused or returned for insufficient funds payment fees .

Refused payment for insufficient funds or others

A 50$ fee will apply for any payment refused or returned for insufficient funds. These fees will be added at the end of your contract.

Postponed payment

It is possible to modify your payment plan by postponing a payment to a further date than according to your payment schedule. We must receive notice three business days prior to the scheduled withdrawal date and an administration fee of 35$ will be charged at the end of your contract. Please note that first payment may not be postponed.


In the event that you miss a payment, one of our collection officers will contact you in order to notify you and correct the situation. The collection officer will establish with you a new date on which the missed payment will be debited from your account. You will be charged a 50$ fee that will be added to the end of your payment schedule. If several payments are missed or you do not honor your agreement, your file will be transferred to a collection agency.

Good standing of loan agreement

It is important to comply with your agreement and respect your payments. This will allow you to easily obtain a renewal, in addition of being able to increase the amount of your new loan.


Although our eligibility requirements are flexible, we must comply with financial rules and regulations. In order for your application to be evaluated, you simply need to meet the following criteria

  • Be 18 and over
  • Have a Canadian citizenship
  • Have a steady job for at least 6 months
  • Receive a paycheck by direct deposit in Canada
  • Not be under bankruptcy protection, intend on filling for personal bankruptcy or a consumer proposal

Completion of your file

Your file will be completed when these three steps have been done

  • Reception and approval of all required documents
  • Employment validation
  • Verification of your personal references

Loans are deposited Monday through Friday during business hours.

Warning: Short term loans can provide an effective solution to your needs provided they are used wisely. Although quick and efficient, interest rates on short-term loans are higher than those of your local banks. They must therefore be used periodically and in the event that lower interest solutions are not available. Make sure you do not take out several such loans at the same time as this could result in a financial situation difficult to overcome.